Master Crafted Eric Dressen 8.5"

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The Eric Dressen Master Crafted deck is a mighty fine looking square tailed sled. Designed as a guest board by none other than Eric Dressen, as a premium Z-Flex Mater Crafted board.

The Deck:

Featuring a traditional tattoo style graphic over exposed natural Canadian Hard Rock Maple, the smooth look of Dressen's design is equaled only by its performance. Featuring a square tail, modern concaves and a long tapered nose it really is a unique addition to the Z-Flex range.


The smaller and more contemporary choice of the two Eric Dressen Master Crafted deck sizes is 8.5" wide and 32.25" long. Built specifically for those accustomed to a modern size. The wheel base measures 14.25", making for a light and sturdy board. For those looking for something a little larger, the Eric Dressen Master Crafted deck is also available in a slightly wider model, measuring 9" in width.

Eric Dressen and Paul Schmitt:

Eric Dressen turned pro at the age of ten, and has been a force in skateboarding for three decades. He pioneered a distinctive style throughout the bowls and streets of California, and now splits his time between skating and tattooing. Not only did he design this deck, he also used his tattooing prowess to draw its graphic, and Z-Flex are truly grateful to have such a legend produce a guest board for the Master Crafted program. It was during a visit to Paul Schmitt's skateboard factory that Eric shaped his deck design. A manufacturer of skateboards for nearly three decades, Paul Schmitt's creations are renowned for their superior performance and quality. His reputation in the skating community is so respected, he now goes by the nickname Professor Schmitt.

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