Z-Flex Master Crafted Skateboard Series

Representing the very best in product innovation, the Master Crafted series was created when Z-Flex teamed up with expert skateboard manufacturer Paul Schmitt. Known for his durable and skillfully constructed boards, collaborating with Paul Schmitt allowed skating legends Jay Adams, Eric Dressen and George Wilson to design their own premium Z-Flex decks, shaped to suit each of their signature styles.

Master Crafted Jay Adams
As the most iconic Team Rider and a founding member of the brand, Jay Adams personifies the iconic status of Z-Flex. Working closely with Paul, Jay tested out a number of prototypes and collaborated with artists to bring his design to life. Featuring a classic graphic, Jay’s decks were the first to be released in the Master Crafted series. His designs are available in two different styles, the Master Crafted Jay Adams V1 and V2.

Master Crafted Eric Dressen (Guest Board)
Having turned pro at the age of ten, Eric Dressen has been a part of the skateboarding community for three decades. Known for his distinctive style, Eric is recognized all over the world as one of the most innovative skaters to ever hit the streets. His primary career has focused on skateboarding, but he also works as a professional tattoo artist. Just like Jay, Eric shaped his Master Crafted deck at Paul Schmitt’s factory, choosing to create a square tailed design. Eric decorated his deck with a graphic he designed himself, drawing on his talents as a tattoo artist.

Master Crafted George Wilson
Following in the footsteps of Jay Adams, George Wilson was a second generation Z-Boy, and later went on to become the Z-Flex Team Manager. Throughout George’s career, he has ridden and designed several different boards for Z-Flex, but the Master Crafted series allowed him to have total control over the design process. His deck has a classic diamond tail, with modern functionality.