Black Friday Deals

Z-Flex Skateboards 2016 Black Friday sales are about to be unleashed! To be the first to receive our Black Friday 2016 offers, sign up right now! There’ll be massive savings on everything you need to shred, with deals too good to pass up. We’ll send you a reminder email with all the details of the sale before it gets under way, and keep you updated on any other special offers happening at Z-Flex.

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With decks, completes, cruisers, longboards, hardware and apparel, Z-Flex stocks the ultimate collection of authentic skate products. Founded in Venice Beach in the 1970’s, Z-Flex is one of the longest standing brands in skateboarding, and has been a leader in product innovation for decades. Sign up for Black Friday 2016 to save your hard earned dollars on the latest Z-Flex essentials.

When is Black Friday?
Black Friday 2016 takes place November 25. This epic sale only happens once a year, so make it count. Stay tuned for details on the Black Friday sales happening at Z-Flex Skateboards in 2016.

Looking for something ready to roll? Z-Flex offer an extensive range of short complete cruisers, in a number of different lengths. Quality and innovation have always been a part of the Z-Flex brand, and all of our complete skateboards are made with the finest materials. If you prefer a longer plank underfoot, Z-Flex longboards were made for surfing the sidewalks in style. We’ve got all the classic shapes, including pintail, mini pintail and roundtail.

Already the proud owner of a Z-Flex board? Keep it rolling with a fresh set of wheels or trucks. Our skateboard hardware is available in stacks of different styles, so you can colour coordinate your ride. To look the part when carving up the streets, get some new threads and rep your favourite skate brand with a t-shirt from the Z-Flex apparel range.