2015 Australian Bowl Riding Championships – Sponsored by Z-Flex Skateboards

2015 Australian Bowl Riding Championships – Sponsored by Z-Flex

Z-Flex proudly partnered with Frontside Events to sponsor one of the premiere events in the Australian Skateboarding calendar; The Australian Bowl-riding Championships (ABC) at  Empire Bowl in Bar Beach, Newcastle.

Now in its fourth year the 2015 ABC was an all-inclusive contest that welcomes skateboarders of all skill-levels, ages and sex to compete for the total prize pool of $20,000 AUD and the chance to win entry to one of the largest professional concrete series in the World; Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi 2015. The Z-Flex crew were also on hand to buff out the crowd with plenty of giveaways including decks, tees, sunnies and stickers.

Big props to Z-Flex team riders who represented on the day: Jakob Robinson, Ryan Helm and Zepp Heyes, all the boys were ripping and Jakob secured himself a wildcard to Bowlarama where he went on to slay his first runs and was the top placed Aussie in the comp.

Shout outs also go to Dylan Donnini, and Adrian ‘Errol’ Jones who earned themselves the following Z-Flex Awards on the day:

GENERATIONS STRONG AWARD: (As selected by the legendary Pat Ngoho ) Awarded to the Under 18 Amateur that shredded beyond their years, with a raw and innovative style that Z-Flex team riders have shown for generations. 10 year old Dylan had an impressive bag of tricks and looked just as at home on, and above, the coping. For his efforts Dylan secured himself a 12 month Z-Flex deck supply.

SPIRIT OF JAY ADAMS AWARD: Awarded to the Masters contestant that demonstrated a Raw Aggressive and Punk Rock approach to their heats that Jay himself would have been proud of. ‘Errol’ is an Australian Skateboarding legend and a deserving winner of the Limited Edition Jay Mastercrafted Deck with customized plaque and a Jay Boy Photo book personally signed by Jay in 2013.

Massive thanks to Frontside Events for hosting such an amazing comp and to everyone else who took part. We’re already looking forward to 2016.

Scope out images of the days action and comp results listed below.

IMG_6443Dylan Donnini impressing both the crowd and Pat Ngoho to be selected for the Z-Flex Generations Strong Award.

IMG_6457Luke Russell mid-rotation

IMG_6461Keegan Palmer moments before full extension

IMG_6464Luke and Keegan, battled it out in the bowl but were all shakkas otherwise.

IMG_6473Girls runner up Sari Simpson taking the hands-free approach

IMG_6485Poppy Olson flying high toward an event win


IMG_6498Bruno Passos with a styled-out front smith

IMG_6516Brian Patch soaring past the lenses with this massive Tindy

IMG_6517Pat Ngoho with his trademark boardslide around the corner. Check out the board Pat created for the Z-Flex Master-Crafted range here

IMG_6543Pre-heat warm ups got wild, RJ runs for cover as Cory Juneau hits beast mode!

IMG_6550Local Newcastle ripper George Richards, front blunt in the deep.

IMG_6563Alex Sorgente reaching for Rocket

IMG_6572RJ Barbaro brutalized the Newcastle bowl and earned the title of Australian Champ in the process.

IMG_6594Eyes on the prize..and a pretty epic photo bomb

IMG_6616Under 18 winners are grinners.K eegan Palmer (1st) Luke Russell (2nd) Jedd Mckenzie (3rd)

IMG_6618Under 18 contestants herded in the shallow end.

IMG_6628Girls winning field Poppy Olsen (1st) Sari Simpson (2nd) Tenielle Licari (3rd)

IMG_6640Adrian Jones stoked on wining the Spirit of Jay Adams Award

IMG_6656Masters Winner circle. Bruno Passos (1st) Brian Patch (2nd) Pat Ngoho (3rd) Luke Jones (Australian Champion)

IMG_6668They may be Masters but they’re still as amped as the groms.

IMG_6689Pros Podium: lead by 4 time winner Alex Sorgente. Tom Schaar (2nd) Cory Juneau (3rd)



PRO – Warren Myles (AUS), Lachlan Bouillir (AUS), Jamie Goodwin (AUS), Nicholas Kris (AUS), Vi Kakinho (BRA), SkySiljeg (USA), Jakob Robinson (AUS), Trey Wood (USA), Rj Barbaro ( AUS), Nilo Pecanha (BRA), Ivan Federico (ITA),Felipe Foguinho (BRA), Fabio Ticara (BRA), Rob Lorifice (USA), Otavio Neto(BRA), Renton Millar (AUS), Ben Hatchell (USA), Murilo Peres (BRA), Brodie Lee Jarrett (AUS), Bugs Fardell (AUS), Tom Schaar (USA), Kevin Kowalski (USA), Cory Juneau (USA), Kahn Alberts, George Richards (AUS), Matt Kitai (AUS), Joshua Rodriguez (USA) and Alex Sorgente (USA)

MASTER – Nick Sable, Sean Ritchie (NZ), Rob “wedge” Francis (AUS),Anthony Mcintyre (AUS), Simon Reynolds (AUS), Jake Brown (AUS), Adam Luxford (AUS), Adrian Jones (AUS), Nik Mendoza (AUS), Stefan Wernick(AUS), Brett David Watters (AUS), Gravel Burns(AUS), Luke Jones (AUS), Bruno Passos (USA) ,Nick Couscouris (USA), John Bogaerts (AUS), Alex Donnini (AUS), Pat Ngoho(USA), Paul Savos (AUS), Shane Ayerst (AUS), Geoff Fletcher(AUS), Luke Foster (AUS), John Grey (AUS), Sean Goff (ENG), Scott Becker (AUS), Chris Patton (USA) Jeremy Rowling (AUS), Tony Chavez (AUS), Kevin Moran (AUS) and Brian Patch (USA)

GIRLS – Naomi Hasting, Hayley Wilson (AUS), Jade Perry (AUS), Kasia Wernick (AUS). Sari Simpson (AUS) Gemma Balkin (AUS), Izy Mutu (AUS), Tanille Licari (AUS) and Poppy Olsen (AUS).

18 & UNDER – Keegan Palmer, Luke Russell, Jedd Mckenzie, Dylan Donnini, Daniel Hallett, Ryan Helm, Noah Fuzi, Noah Regan, Zane Hedley, Jackson Bogaerts, Bryce Mckean, Kobe Higgins, Zepp Hayes, Max Owens, Ben Grey, Angus Owens, Hayden Swift, Zac Tinson, Jackson Donnini, Damon Cahill, Louis Newman, Riley Gardiner, Reid Butcher, Phoenix Sinnerton and Alfie Bonar



2015 Australian PRO Wild card winners
George Richards
Jacob Robinson
Renton Millar
Matt Kitai

2015 Australian MASTER Wild card winners
John Grey
John Bogaerts
Nik Mendoza
Geoff Fletcher

Alex Sorgente (1st)
Tom Schaar (2nd)
Cory Juneau (3rd)
RJ Barbaro (Australian Champion)

Bruno Passos (1st)
Brian Patch (2nd)
Pat Ngoho (3rd)
Luke Jones (Australian Champion)

Keegan Palmer (1st)
Luke Russell (2nd)
Jedd Mckenzie (3rd)

Poppy Olsen (1st)
Sari Simpson (2nd)
Tenielle Licari (3rd)

WEBSITE: abcskate.com.au
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/ABCSkate
A Grundy’s Skate Store Production
Filmed by Stephen Novak and Jack Bingham
Edit: Jack Bingham