Z-Flex Donut Hill Sessions

Founded in 2006, the Donut Hill Project is an indoor wooden skate bowl located in Omaha, Nebraska. Owned and run by skateboarders, this unique set up features a huge bowl crafted from timber, and was built by guys looking to escape the crowded public skate parks. Z-Flex team riders Rayce Davis, Oscar Navarro and Diego Alvarado headed to the Midwest to check it out. Get a hold of the shredding here, and in an ad featured in Thrasher Magazine. Enjoy the Z-Flex Donut Hill Sessions.


Some serious framework went into building this bowl. Jeff Chase, who designs and builds all the remodels for Cream City Skatepark in Milwaukee, designed the Donut Hill Project.

Donut Hill Bowl Nebraska

Definitely not for the spineless.

Bumps to help keep the speed.
Donut Hill Bowl Bumps

… and curves

Donut Hill Bowl Curves

The Donut Hill Bowl in full fisheye view.

Donut Hill Bowl Fisheye

Oscar throws down on the drumkit before doing the same in the bowl.
Oscar Navarro on drums

Then it’s time to head up top.
Oscar Navarro Donut Hill bowl

Excitement abounds. This bowl is amazing.

Oscar Navarro Donut Hill Excitement

Right away Oscar was finding the lines throughout.

Oscar Navarro Donut Hill Back Smith

Diego was right behind him and charging the deep end.

Diego Alvarado Frontside Air

Rayce Davis twists a frontside 360 over the spine. Rayce is riding the Dead Language “Hieroglyph” deck.

Rayce Davis Frontside 360 Donut Hill

Diego dives an indy air on the round wall of the deep end. Diego is riding the Dead Language “Script” deck

Diego Alvarado Backside Indy Air

Oscar found the line to get this frontside air to wall bash.

Oscar Navarro frontside wall ride

Phil Burtcher, owner of Precision Skateboards, is 50 years old and he still kills it. Backside across the gap. For more footage of Phil and Precision Skateboards, check out our visit to Precision Skate Shop and The Bay for Go Skate Day. 

Phil Burtcher 5-0 Donut Hill

Oscar Navarro was boosting backside ollies onto this vert wall with a 6 foot transition and 6 feet of vert.

Oscar Navarro backside ollie

Diego with a Judo air in the deep.

Diego Alvarado Backside Judo Air

Oscar backs him up with an Anti-Judo.

Oscar Navarro anti judo air

Rayce Davis ollies from hip to hip over the spine.

Rayce Davis ollies hip to hip

Then slid this front blunt across the flat wall.

Rayce Davis slides front blunt

The park features Diamond Grind Coping throughout so you get a nice sound and feel on all your grinds and slides

Diamond Grind Coping

Diego kept it going in the deep end with more moves like this frontside invert.

Diego Alvarado frontside invert

Then when you thought it was all said and done, Diego found the line to get to the top of this wall and indy nose picked it. If you haven’t already, check out the video of Z-Flex’s Donut Hill session at the top of this blog post.

Diego Alvarado Indy Nose Pick

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