Z-Flex Bros at Beach Burrito Co.


Wednesday the 10th of June, a few of the Z-Flex Australia bros gathered at Beach Burrito Co. in Fitzroy, Melbourne for the launch and signing of Hugh Holland’s ‘Locals Only’ book launch. If you’re not familiar with Hugh by name, you may recognize some of his iconic images, all shot in California at the dawn of modern day skateboarding from 1975 -1978. An era that parallels the birth of Z-Flex. So when Beach Burrito Co invited us to rally some troops and join in on the event, we gladly accepted.

The added bonus here is that Beach Burrito Co’s Fitzroy location comes with one distinct difference to most restaurants. A super fun, yet equally gnarly kidney bowl right in the middle of the restaurant.

With the crew gathered the boys were given a short window of 30 minutes to have a roll before the masses piled in and a slide show of the ‘Locals Only’ images went down. 30 minutes isn’t long time to get accustomed to the super tight and whippy ‘Piston Head Lager’ Bowl so they didn’t waste a second.

Upstairs a line began to form and soon enough they were queued 40 deep to have Hugh Holland personally sign their copy of ‘Locals Only’. The crowds settled into their seats and the burritos and beers started to flow while Hugh’s photos were projected across the bowl and onto a big screen for all to take in.

And then came time for the session; the Z-Flex homies were joined by a few of the Vans Australia team to entertain the crowd and they did just that. Both the skating and atmosphere was epic, plenty of product was given away to stoke out the crowd, but let’s leave it to the video and photos to tell the story.

Huge thanks Beach Burrito Co. and Blender Gallery for hosting the event and inviting us down, we will be back!

LocalsOnlyMelb-26Beach Burrito Co. Fitzroy, where it all went down.

X-DSC_8220Jakob launches straight into a warm up with a crail slide over the death box.

X-DSC_8224Owner of Truckstop Sk8 shop, Tony Chavez front-smiths his way round the bend in the deep.

X-DSC_8226Jakob Robinson throws his trademark thumbs up into a back smith.

X-DSC_8279The man of the moment Hugh Holland signing a stack of books for the waiting crowds.

LocalsOnlyMelb-6And limited edition posters.

LocalsOnlyMelb-19Securing a piece of nostalgia

X-DSC_8305Images from the book were projected across the bowl.

X-DSC_8315The crew line up for a quick mug shot with Hugh Holland, before the session took flight. (L-R: Chris Vaughn, Tony Chavez, Hugh Holland, Billy Harrison, Jakob Robinson, Mat Chigwidden and Gavin Clark)

X-DSC_8228Hey may be Australian but he can plant like a Texan. Jakob rides the Heiroglyph Deck

X-DSC_8237Melbourne ripper James Moore threw himself at everything…

XDSC_8299Including this backside nose blunt.

X-DSC_8246Jesse ‘Red’ Noonan joined in on the action for a cameo appearance.

X-DSC_8257James now on some Z-Flex flow through his shop sponsor OCD Skateshop. 50 to fakie over the stairs

X-DSC_8258Red’s one of skateboarding’s nice guys with a nice Back Smith too.

X-DSC_8272Tony defying gravity to boost a solid backside air in a bowl of this size.

X-DSC_8284Jakob backside boneless to disaster.

X-DSC_8325Chris Vaughn is generally found destroying the streets, he’s no slouch in a bowl either. Chris rides Script Deck

X-DSC_8326RJ Barbarro is a local fixture at Beach Burrito and his knowledge of the Piston Head Bowl shows.

X-DSC_8330Mat ‘Chiggy’ Chigwidden front feeble at full throttle.

X-DSC_8338Jakob bag of tricks is extensive, Bastard plant included.

LocalsOnlyMelb-9A birds eye view of the setup, as Bowman Hansen lines up his next trick. Bowman recently won Bowlarama in Wellington NZ and was killing it in this session, you’ll have take our word for it.

LocalsOnlyMelb-33Chris Vaughn refuelling with a Burrito.

LocalsOnlyMelb-58A Golden Ticket was randomly stashed amongst food orders, here’s the luck winner claiming his limited release Jay Adams Master Crafted V2 deck. Click here to jag yours before they’r gone.

LocalsOnlyMelb-37Scott Standley, Jackson Pills, James Hall and Jesse Noonan soaking up the atmosphere and a free pair of socks.

LocalsOnlyMelb-45Hat stoke at its finest.

LocalsOnlyMelb-43This guys was celebrating his birthday, only fair that we hooked him up a deck.

LocalsOnlyMelb-23We asked Hugh Holland to pick the most deserving winner of the ZVP major prize, he chose this young lady who was first in line to purchase a Locals Only book.

LocalsOnlyMelb-20Sock giveaways were a hit with both sexes.

LocalsOnlyMelb-10Punks not dead, its just gone to the bar.

LocalsOnlyMelb-4With the giveaway box emptied and the skating winding down, it was time to re-hydrate.

Until next time amigos.

Skate Photography – Andrew Mapstone

Lifestyle Photography - Life Without Andy

Video – Filmed and edited by Jack Brittliff