Z-Flex Next Up Christmas Visit


The Z-Flex team took a little trip to Anaheim, CA to meet up with Santa and help him bring some holiday cheer through the Next Up Foundation



We arrived around 3pm and there were already a handful of kids at the park.


Then Santa Claus cruised up.


With some gifts to hand out


The kids were ripping.  Here’s a heelflip


Tre flips are cool


Land your trick first try,  get a Z-Flex Always Radical cruiser board


Rayce Davis boosts a tre flip


This kid had to work for it but he landed the hardflip and won a deck


Santa’s gift bag was very full


Time for the crab walk race.


Who won?


Rayce Davis hookin this guy up with a fresh cruiser


Oscar Navarro teaching them how to play 3s


Ok who’s got a dollar


Santa shreds


And Santa delivers


Brad Hooker looks for the kid with the oldest looking board


OK one last board to hand out.


Now it’s pizza time.


Santa closes out the session with a pivot fakie.


Thank you Santa, Vinna, and all the kids of Next Up



About Next Up

“Next Up” is a grassroots foundation that was started by people who love skateboarding and who are dedicated to enhancing: The lives of kids & teens, our communities and our environment through skateboarding and action sports. Next Up Foundation provides after-school and summer mentoring programs that teach life skills through skateboarding.

Next Up foundation is all about people getting involved; from volunteering, to mentoring, to fundraising, to donating or helping build a skateboard park. It’s all about giving back and being selfless. Here is a quote from a teen participant: “I never had a dream, I started skating and wanted to be a Pro, but now my dream is to be like Vina (founder of Next Up) and keep Next Up Foundation alive forever.”

Next Up Foundation’s primary mission is to serve as a resource for kids and teens in underserved communities; providing guidance through action sports activities, supplying free athletic equipment, mentoring and supervision. Next Up Foundation’s purpose is to help kids reach their full potential, inspiring them to lead healthy and successful lives while providing habit forming exercise activities and social interaction through the sport of skateboarding.

At Next Up Foundation, we take a hands-on approach to teaching youth and adolescents the fundamentals of goal setting, confidence building, and becoming powerful team players.

Our programs’ objective is to demonstrate through sports and leisure activities that, like in life, if you set specific, attainable goals and approach them with optimistic determination, you can not only achieve but can exceed your own expectations.

Next Up Foundation provides the backdrop for kids to discover they can set and achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. We at Next Up Foundation also utilize the power of role models; from our team of volunteer skateboarders, to bringing professional athletes to interact with the participants and serve as examples of success.

Next Up Foundation aims to make a positive impact in the lives of today’s kids while helping foster tomorrow’s role models.

Another part of our mission at Next Up Foundation is to be inclusive, allowing others to get involved and make a difference in their communities as well by providing online tools of involvement, and become a known resource for the skateboarding & action sports communities to get involved and make a difference.