The Z-Flex Master Crafted series takes the true meaning of the words ‘master’ and ‘crafted’, to create a skateboard that’s as unique as the people involved. For this Master Crafted release, we’ve teamed up with Pat Ngoho to ‘Craft’ his own board with legendary skateboard craftsman himself- Paul Schmitt.

Pat Ngoho knows a thing or two about skateboarding and was able to work with Paul Schmitt to create a board unique to his style. Pat continues to skate and compete and having a board that fits his needs was the starting point for his shape. “It’s great because you are telling him what you need as a rider in terms of performance, and he’s got the science behind it”, said Ngoho in regards to working with the ‘Professor’ Paul Schmitt on the board shape.

Pat has been in the art scene for a while now as the Co-Founder of the ‘Love and Guts’ art exhibition, so he knew exactly what he wanted when he worked on the design of the graphic. Pat chose a whale as the focus image of the graphic explaining that, “they have this type of surfing quality to them, the way they move through the water, and just their whole vibe, they`re so passive and mellow and not out to harm anyone, and I think that relates to skating, or at least sometimes how I look at skating”.

Z-Flex is excited to offer this limited release Pat Ngoho Master Crafted board.

About Z-Flex Master Crafted

Master Crafted is an opportunity for legendary skateboarders to work with a legendary craftsman in order to create a shape that suits their needs and best fits the way they skate.

About Z-Flex Skateboards

Z-Flex Skateboards is one of the longest running skateboard brands, and it’s still around today. In 1976, as skateboarding transformed from a clean-cut upright sport and onto the streets where style was king, Z-Flex was founded. As skaters began to defy gravity, Z-Flex was there – designing and innovating – letting riders become whoever they were going to be with the goal of defining a sport. Decades later, Z-Flex is still connected to the spirit of those early years –  and still committed to skateboarding and its impact. Today we aim to connect with generations that are driven by the same desires for collective growth. It’s not about nostalgia.  It’s about reinforcing the timeless and unique message of skateboarding.