Taking the literal meaning of Master and Crafted, The Z-Flex Master Crafted series is made up of unique boards by unique skateboarders.

The ‘Masters’ of skateboarding are the pioneers of the sport, the skaters who paved the way for skateboarding today, and the skaters that are still out there ripping 20+ years later. There’s only one ‘Master’ that we could possibly start this series with, and that’s the original seed of skateboarding himself, Jay Adams, in collaboration with the legendary skateboard craftsman, Paul Schmitt.

Jay and Paul worked hand in hand in creating a unique board for Jay’s style to help him skate better than he’s ever skated before.

“Jay was super stoked about the Master Crafted Jay Adams deck,” said his wife Tracy Adams. “He said it was the first time in his life he ever designed a board himself. He knew EXACTLY what size board, what shape and length the nose and tail should be, where the wheel wells should be…..EVERYTHING.”

Tracy explained that on the day they went to the “Professor’s” shop to shape the deck, Jay was so excited – like a kid in a candy store.

“He went in with a specific design in mind and Paul was able to help him make his ‘dream skateboard deck’ and Jay had so much fun running the different saws, shaving the sides…the whole process from design to finish,” she said.

This graphic was conceived of and themed by Jay Adams, and was created using reference photos supplied by Jay. 
The theme revolves around Jay pulling his “Zipperhead” open, and allowing parts of his life to be shown in the escaping smoke.

The final product is a board fit for Jay coming in at 9 3/8” wide X 33 ¼” long and a 15” wheelbase.

“Jay skated with such a unique and amazing style… this board is what he believed would ride the best for his style… I wish he was here to see how much everyone is going to be stoked on his design.” – Tracy Adams

Proceeds from the sales of this board will go directly to Jay’s family. RIP Jay Boy.