CAMTEST 2015 at Pink Motel


Camtest 2015 was held at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley, California, with Z-Flex team riders Malakai Montes, Rayce Davis, Oscar Navarro and Diego Alvarado taking part. Famous for its empty, fish shaped swimming pool, the Pink Motel is iconic to California’s skate scene, having featured in the legendary 1987 skateboarding movie, ‘The Search for Animal Chin.’ The competition itself dates back to 2003, when event organiser Cameron Dowse was hanging out at a friend’s ramp and decided to put on a skating contest, which he somehow managed to do with just $150. There were no entry fees and no special invite list; anyone who showed up looking for a good time was included on the list. Each Camtest has a different theme to keep things interesting, and this year saw skaters divided into divisions based on weight class. Skaters of all shapes and sizes showed up to have a go at winning a Camtest trophy.

Camtest is dedicated to the memory of skating legend Dave Tuck, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2013. At this year’s event, over $3000 was raised for cancer charities.


The iconic Pink Motel in Sun Valley, California.


Z-Flex Team Rider Oscar Navarro weighing in for his division.


Live music kept the crowd entertained between skates




The prizes: Camtest 2015 Trophies, shaped liked dumbbells to match the weight division theme.


Z-Flex Team Rider Rayce Davis with a Front Blunt in the deep


Z-Flex Team Rider Malakai Montes with a Fast Plant


Gary Bolos with a an Egg Plant


Malakai Montes throwing the Shocker with a Front Smith.


Rayce Davis with a Boneless on a Z-Flex Dead Language Series deck.

Z-Flex Team Rider Diego Alvarado with a Stale Fish


Oscar Navarro turned up with a Z-Flex 80′s shaped board.


Riley Stevens shredding with a huge Backside Air.




Oscar Navarro Backside Air over the diving board.



Oscar bringing this one to Fakie over the diving board.



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