The desert has always held a certain appeal to skateboarders, because the lack of rain means empty ditches and pools to shred in. The Z-Flex Team Riders planned a trip to Albuquerque in New Mexico, a town famous for its dry skate terrain. This trip was focused on one ditch in particular, the Indian School ditch, arguably one of the greatest skate spots in the world.

It’s a pretty simple set up, just a downhill ditch that runs through the middle of the town, but skaters come from far and wide to carve up this smooth stretch of concrete. It can be ridden for three or four miles, but most skaters just do the top mile or so, and stop near the wallride at the Juan Tabo bridge. Here’s the story of our adventure to Albuquerque and Breaking Bad with Z-Flex.

Grand Canyon
First stop on the drive out was the majestic Grand Canyon. Focus your eyes and you can just see our guys standing on that ledge. Humans are pretty small in the grand scheme of things.

Diego Alvarado
Tuba City is located right by the east end of Grand Canyon National Park, and has a gnarly setup built by Grindline Skateparks. We stopped there for an afternoon. The town was desolate, so when we were done skating we kept moving east. The 12-foot extension was a popular section. Diego Alvarado did Back Smiths with no problem.

Malakai Montes found the line with enough speed for a Frontside Invert.

Oscar Navarro Sweeper
Oscar Navarro skates with style. This sweeper is the perfect example of a trick done right.

Tuba City park session with Diego, Malakai and Oscar

That night we camped under the stars somewhere off the side of the road.

Oscar Navarro Camping
Oscar’s always the first one awake.

Diego Alvarado Camping
Rise and shine Diego.

Skateboards aren’t just for riding on; they also make excellent kitchen counters.

Oscar Navarro Indian Ditch
Once we got to Albuquerque we had to go straight to the ditches and get some runs in.

Rayce Davis Indian Ditch
It was hot, as you can see in this photo.

Liam Mccabe Kickflip
This ditch took us right to a popular spot where Liam Kick Flipped off the kicker.

Breaking Bad
In case you didn’t already know, the TV show Breaking Bad  was filmed in Albuquerque. Rayce Davis did a Tre Flip in front of Walter White’s house.

Malakai Montes broken foot
Malakai Montes busted his foot just after we got to Albuquerque, but that didn’t stop him from cruising.

Rayce Davis Full Pipe
At sunset we found a pretty tight full pipe, and Rayce Davis got up near 10:30.

Rayce Davis lipslides the Palmer pool
Palmer was kind enough to let us stay at his house and this sick egg shaped bowl was in the backyard. Gotta love skate houses.

Despite a broken foot, Malakai wasn’t gonna pass up a mini ramp session.


One of the greatest things about skate trips is all the local restaurants you get to try. Frontier Restuarant in Albuquerque is a must. Once you’re done eating, cruise across the street to the University to check out the dozens of skate spots.

Another Breaking Bad tourist stop. This is where the fugitives get picked up and taken to get new ID cards.

Here comes Rayce Davis cruising back with some more waters.

Found a little park with a ledge. Liam busted a Bluntslide to the street.

Then it was time for the Indian School session. Malakai boom box selfie.

Diego Alvarado Nose Blunt Yank in from the top rope.

Then it was time to skate off into the sunset.