Bakersfield / Kernside DIY

Z-Flex team riders Rayce Davis and Oscar Navarro went to Bakersfield California to check out the Kernside DIY.

There was a portion of the deck that had collapsed and was in desperate need of repair.


So the boys met up with local Ben Smith, who is “the man” that handles all the building and repairs involved in maintaining Kernside. They packed the truck with all the necessary equipment and headed back to Kernside.


Oscar and Rayce helped Ben build a wooden shelf to fill with concrete which would soon become the new deck.


After a little woodworking a sturdy shelf was in place.


Quikrete is the way to go for these projects, it  cures fast and is ready to rip when you are.


Tools of the trade, the unsung heroes of every DIY project.


Then it was time to mix the concrete, Oscar and Rayce weren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.


The framework includes some Sonotubes, these are filled with concrete and once cured they hold the deck in place. Meanwhile Oscar looks distracted and eager to roll.


Gotta keep the right ratio of water to Quikrete so it’s easy to work with.


Rebar was inserted into the Sonotubes and then tied off to horizontal rebar which gives added support to the beams and to the deck itself.


Filling the Sonotubes with concrete only required a few bags each tube.  About the same cost as making a frame from wood but much sturdier in the long run.


Rayce Davis and Ben Smith smooth over the newly formed deck.  The finish-work on this section of the build wasn’t as critical as others because it was soon to be covered over with pool coping.


That’s all for today.  Once this deck is fully cured it will be ready for the pool coping to be set.


Since they were going to have to let the new decks cure it was perfect time to session the rest of Kernside for the next couple days.  Rayce Davis with a front feeble on the Mayhem deck from the latest ‘After Hours’ series.


Oscar Navarro blunt fakie on a Jimmy Plumer 80’s Complete


Rayce Davis threw down a solid heel flip over the channel.


Oscar found a pillar to tail drop his Rise Deck off and into a super tight quarter pipe.


The smooth concrete was perfect for an airwalk to fakie


Oscar Navarro decided to push a couple grinds through an unfinished portion of the deck.


Chunks of concrete were flying from beneath his Ace Trucks and his Rise Deck.  


As the sun was setting the session was getting heated.  Oscar hucks a big ollie over the channel.


Then for the grand finale Oscar ollied up to grind on the tree to fakie back in.



Good night Kernside.  See you next time.

For more information about Kernside and for how you can get involved, check out the contact details on the Bakersfield Skate Co. website.

Bakersfield Skateboard Company was established in 2012 by local skaters to be the home of skate culture in the area and they’d be stoked to hear from you.