Remembering Jay Adams // POP


Pacific Ocean Park was a twenty-eight acre (110,000 m²), nautical-themed amusement park built on a pier at Pier Avenue in the Ocean Park section of Santa Monica, California, which was intended to compete with Disneyland. In 1965, Santa Monica really began its Ocean Park urban renewal project. Buildings in the surrounding area were demolished and […]

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Remember Jay Adams // Jay Adams Pool Board


There have been many products over the past 30 years with Jay Adams’ name on it. Some are still around today and others are hanging in a skate museum. The Jay Adams simplistic graphic of his name and ‘Z-Flex’ has graced Z-Flex boards since 1976. One of those boards being his pro-model Pool Board. In […]

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Remembering Jay Adams // ZVP Part 2: The Original


Yesterday we reflected on Part 1: The Beginning of the ZVP mini-documentary. Today we have Part 2: The Original. Part two was a chance for everyone to talk about the boards that were available in the 70’s and how the introduction of the Z-Flex Fiberglass board changed the game.   Kent Sherwood, Jay Adams’ step-dad, […]

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Remembering Jay Adams // ZVP Part 1: The Beginning


Last September we had the opportunity to get past generations of some of the best skateboarders together to celebrate the re-issue of the Z-Flex Vintage Premium Fiberglass board. Little did we know that this would be the last time many of the attendees would have the opportunity to hang out, reminisce and skate with the […]

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RIP Jay Boy


Today the skateboarding world lost a friend, a member of the family, and an absolute legend- Jay Adams. From day one Jay has shaped skateboarding and the lives of people who knew him in such an impactful way. Jay was not just an original Z-Boy, an integral part in the history of Z-Flex, or a […]

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