Longboard Skateboards

We’ve created the most radical collection of longboards Australia has to offer. Our range is made up of three main shapes – the kicktail, roundtail and the pintail.

Our longboard wheels are: Z-Smooth 69MM 78A Our longboard trucks: Reverse powder-coated 180mm Plus: Abec 7 bearings for extra speed The Kicktail This board packs some serious punch and isn’t for the faint hearted. Its bold design, a black base with cool coloured stripes, will make you look like a serious street racer and the board itself provides a bit of extra pop when you skate. Colours: Mainly black but has coloured speed stripes available in either yellow, red, green or purple. The Roundtail The roundtail is a real easy-going skateboard. With its statement ‘Z’ solid emblem graphic, wild colours and the veneer wood peeking through, it’s truly an awesome looking board that you’ll want to show off every chance you get. The roundtail is all about simple and relaxed riding and it’s great for cruising around all day long. Colours: A combination of black and either white, red, green or blue. The Pintail This longboard skateboard, with its staple shape, simple graphic and wood tones, has a genuine surf vibe to it. It’s a really good representation of where Z-Flex started, back in the 70’s when we just started skating ‘cause there weren’t any waves to surf. Colours: A combination of black and either red, white, blue or all black. We also sell the popular ‘Jay Adams P.O.P Long Board’.