Vintage Skateboards

The original Z-Flex skateboards had a low centre of gravity which assisted in their design being proven a “get down” winner by the radical Z-Boys. Now these vintage boards have been released as a premium line in the Z-Flex range. There have been many copies of the natural rocker in wood, but the controlled flex and durability has not been equaled. These premium skate decks were the birth of the brand and became a benchmark for all skateboards developed in the following 35+ years.

When Jay Adams’ step-dad, Kent Sherwood, came up with the first Zephyr fiberglass board back in the 70’s, he struck gold. Z-Flex is celebrating his mad creation with our collector’s edition of vintage boards, re-issued from way back when the Z-Boys were causing chaos in the streets.

These vintage skateboards are limited edition Z.V.P. (Z-Flex Vintage Premium) merchandise. There are only 300 of each of the four boards in this series worldwide so if you want one, you gotta act quickly. Each board comes with a Z-Flex bandana, a collector’s box and booklet.

There are four different skateboards in the Z-Flex Vintage Premium Fiberglass series: 1. The Original Dating back to 1976, this is a re-issue of that very first premium fiberglass skateboard. 2. Jimmy Plumer All about speed and style, just like Plumer himself. 3. Warptail Innovative and out-there for maximum control and progression. 4. Jay Adams Jay Adams was not satisfied with anything but the best and his vision and determination is etched into every curve and line of this board. Originally designed with his step-father Kent Sherwood, it is exactly what Jay wanted from his board.