Limited Edition Decks

Featuring the pro skater-designed Master Crafted series and Vintage Premium decks, these limited edition skateboards symbolize the very best in Z-Flex product innovation. Inspired by Z-Flex’s brand heritage and crafted with high quality materials, Z-Flex’s limited edition skateboards look just as good hanging on a wall as they do carving up the streets.

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Master Crafted
The Master Crafted series was born when Z-Flex teamed up with Paul Schmitt, an expert skateboard manufacturer renowned for his durable and skillfully constructed designs. Working closely with Paul, skating legend and original Z-Flex team rider Jay Adams tested out a number of prototypes and collaborated with artists to bring his own deck design to life. Jay’s decks were the first to be released in the Master Crafted series. Fellow pro skaters George Wilson and Eric Dressen have also designed decks for Z-Flex, shaped to suit each of their signature styles. Featuring striking graphics and a range of different deck sizes, these decks were made to suit both oldschool puritan skaters and younger generations.

Vintage Premium
Created with a unique and experimental fiberglass formula, Z-Flex Vintage Premium boards were designed to handle the fast and hard style of skating made famous by Z-Flex in the 1970’s. Z-Flex skateboards have always had a low centre of gravity and unmatched durability. They were some of the first boards to ever feature a kicktail, revolutionizing skateboarding in a time when most decks were flat. The shape and size of these boards made them perfect for cruising the streets of Venice Beach, where Z-Flex was founded. There have been many copies of these boards over the years, but their signature controlled flex and strength has never been equaled. Only 300 of each of the four Vintage Premium decks were produced worldwide, and every deck comes with a bandana, collector’s box, and a Z-Flex booklet.