Z-Flex Skate Decks

Z-Flex craft the most authentic collection of skateboard decks Australia has to offer. Each of our custom decks have been built to offer the best ride imaginable.

Constructed from 100 percent genuine 7-ply Canadian hard rock maple, our decks are lightweight, flexible and durable – the exact combination to ensure a solid skate.

Our favourite skate decks right now: • The Close Shave The Close Shave series is as slick as they come. Always groomed to perfection and ready to go, the Close Shave will ensure smooth skating in any situation. Available in 8’’, 8.25’’ and 8.5’’. • The Darling Companion The Darling Companion series makes the perfect mate for any real skater. We all need someone to have our back and this darling does it well. Ideal for shredding, the unique shapes of these decks make you fly. Hard to come by but still available, these boards come in three shapes and three colours: Orange, Blue and Green.

Available in: 8.625” (Orange) 9” (Blue) 9.5’’ (Green) • The Z-Flex Originalz What can we say about the Z-Flex Originalz series; it’s our signature ride. Emblematic of the Z-Boys days, these decks play homage to the days of Dogtown. They’re massively strong and equipped to handle all situations. These skate decks are available in the staple sizes of 8’’, 8.25’’, 8.5’’ and 8.75’’.