Cruiser Skateboards

Z-Flex craft the most authentic cruiser skateboards Australia has to offer.

Our favourites right now: 1. The classic Jay Adams cruisers Jay Adams used his surfing past to pioneer a new way of skating that relies on natural free form style and strength. The Jay Adams cruiser boards are made in that same shape that Jay rode way back in his Z-Boy days. 2. Core Cruisers Using the finest timber, these skateboards have been made by hand, meaning no two boards are the same and ensuring each is a real work of art. This series is amazing, featuring laser etched logos and sanded wheel wells, it’s perfect for an everyday rider. 3. The LBC Cruiser Taking it back to the times when Jay Adams and his bandana roamed the streets of Dogtown. 4. The Motel Pool Cruiser This board is all about real freedom and finding new places to skate. Whether you’re into pools, rails or causing havoc in the streets, this board will have you cruising like a proper free agent. 5. The Always Radical The name pretty much sums this one up but yeah, it’s basically just an awesome skateboard. A past logo and slogan that is still true to today. This one comes in blue, purple, red and green. 6. The Z-Racer Cruiser This skateboard has been hand-crafted, making each deck a unique work of art. Featuring 10-layer veneer construction and sanded wheel wells, this board will take you for a cruise around the local park and back in no time.