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Street Rocket Inspired by the 80’s and built for extreme speed and stability, the street rocket complete is a quality skateboard made for skating all day, every day. Z-Skates These boards are really versatile and can handle all situations from bombing hills and skating pools, to just simple everyday cruising. Featuring an awesome graphic that uses the iconic Z-Flex rose and thorn symbol. Marcello “The Boar” Vercelli A modern take on the Animal series, this board combines all that made 80’s skating awesome with all that we love about it today. Jim “The Dog” Davey This board is an update of our renowned Animal series. Heavily influenced by the 80’s, each board encapsulates bold colours and shapes. The Dog himself signs off on each one. Jimmy “The Rat” Plumer This complete skateboard is another modern take on our famous Animal series and is 100% Jimmy “The Rat” Plumer approved. Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew (R.I.P.) Paying homage to the inspiring 80’s and the famous Z-Flex Animal series, this board represents all that was awesome when skating was just getting big. George “Gator” Wilson An updated, revised and modernised version of a board in the Animal series, this complete skateboard has the advantage of all that old-school charm without the old-school technology.